¡Las mejores Camisetas de Fútbol del 2021 Baratas en oferta de España

¡Las mejores Camisetas de Fútbol del 2021 Baratas en oferta de España

Do you employ strikes with your knee in your arsenal of martial-arts techniques? How do you knee someone, or more importantly, when do you knee your opponent? What follows is one specific use of a solid strike with your knee.

Martial-Arts Tight Angle

Before we discuss the actual use of kneeing someone, make sure you have a precise and efficient technique. Your goal is to kick with your knee on a very tight angle. You are going to knee almost directly forward, with your goal to make contact with your enemy on his upper thigh.

If something is in your way, adjust the angle a little on your technique. Come in slightly form the side, but only ever-so-slightly. This is definitely NOT a wide, 45 degree angle kick. In other words, don’t execute a typical roundhouse, where you just leave off the foot part and make contact with your knee instead. It needs to be much more like a front kick than that.

Wrist Lock Mid-Technique

Here is the perfect use for this kneeing technique: Imagine that you are in the middle of a wrist lock. It could be the Basic Lock. (See my book Wrist Locks, or Small Circle Jiu Jitsu by Wally Jay, or look for an online description.)

You are standing in front of your opponent; you effect the lock, but your opponent resists. For whatever reason, you can’t seem to overcome his strength; you start to lose your grip.

Before the entire lock goes downhill…

Wrist Lock Again

You want to snap the wrist lock on «better.» You want to regain control.

As soon as you start to feel the resistance, try kneeing your opponent in the side of his thigh. If you got any torque on the lock then your opponent’s body will be slightly turned already. Just knee forward.

If, on the other hand, you are facing each other squarely, then you might have to angle your technique inward to the side of his leg… slightly. (Remember, tight angle.)

As soon as you make contact with the leg, snap on your initial wrist lock once again. This resetting technique should allow you to regain control.

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