¡Las mejores Camisetas de Fútbol del 2021 Baratas en oferta de España

¡Las mejores Camisetas de Fútbol del 2021 Baratas en oferta de España

Soccer Portugal – Famous Players in 2008

Soccer Portugal is one of the undefeated teams in Europe. They have achieved many titles and have won championships in the league. Football has also made a big impact to the people of Portugal and is also a part of their lives. In today’s generation some of the famous players are Portuguese and are proud to be.

Cristiano Ronaldo – He is one of the youngest professional players that has achieved a lot and won title as the Young Player of the Year. Cristiano started his professional career in 2003 and joined Manchester United as his club. He is also a part of the soccer Portugal national team.

Nani – This famous player has started at a young age to become a professional player. He signed a contract for Manchester United in 2005 and was a part of the Portugal national team. He has made appearance in six UEFA and has goaled once. It is a big leap for him that a young age of 21 he has already gained a lot of success in his professional career.

Deco – Anderson Luis de Souza also known as Deco to fans is playing for Chelsea. He is a Portuguese Brazilian and also playing for the Portugal national team. He has gained various awards and given recognition as the pioneering player who won the UEFA Midfielder of the year.

Nuno Gomes – Nuno has also started his professional career at a young age. He became a professional player for Portugal and has joined his club the Benfica at 1995. He made a debut and became popular during the UEFA 2000. His playing position as a striker has given him much credit and making him famous.

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